Matcha de Coco

Matcha de Coco - power package with beneficial content

Matcha de Coco – the perfect combination of matcha and Coconut Blossom Sugar – will spoil your palate and vitalise your whole body. This delicious coconut tea has a vitalising, yet calming effect on the body. The combination of the mild, caramel-like Dr. Goerg Coconut Blossom Sugar with our organic Matcha is pure indulgence. Our organic Matcha comes from Japan’s renowned tea house Aiya and is among the top-three qualities of the country. Additionally, this tasty drink provides you with beneficial vital substances like amino acids and antioxidants. Just try this beneficial deliciousness and see for yourself!

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About 600 AD, the preparation of Matcha was established as a part of the traditional Far Eastern medicine in China. Monks would drink Matcha tea during their daily ceremonies. The tea was introduced to Japan by a Buddhist monk who became aware of the tea’s healing powers. Matcha became the focal point of Japanese tea ceremonies and an integral part of Japanese culture. Nowadays, only a small number of renowned Japanese tea houses produce true top-quality Matcha.

Matcha meets coconut – a match made in heaven

Our Matcha is organically certified and ranks among the top 3 of Matcha types by one of the most famous tea houses of Japan. Matcha provides even more radical scavengers than many of the so-called ‘super foods’ such as baobab, pomegranate, aronia and goji berries. This is due to an abundance of catechins in the Matcha which belong to the class of polyphenols. They are components of natural tannin which are not only found in tea but also in many types of fruit. They are considered potent antioxidants. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is of particular importance in that respect. Its occurrence in Matcha tea is considerably higher than in green or black tea. Our kind offers an overall content of 143 mg/g catechines of which 73 mg/g is EGCG. Catechins support the body in its fight against viruses, germs, UV radiation and other environmental influences as well as free radicals. That way catechins help counteract the aging process of skin and body cells. Our Matcha provides an amino acid content of 26.65 mg/g all in all. Of which 12.37 mg/g is L-theanine – an amino acid that has a calming and stress reducing effect. The key to the unique effect of Matcha can be found its high content of caffeine – much more than coffee or green tea can offer. The relaxing component on the one hand, and the stimulating effect on the other means you will be mentally energised and physically relaxed at the same time. Matcha has a stimulating effect similar to coffee, without the fidgety aftermath. Since your energy level will stay constant for many hours, you will feel alive, energised, calm and balanced all in one. In addition, Matcha contains high levels of chlorophyll since the plant is continuously shaded for 4 weeks prior to its harvest. Chlorophyll allegedly possesses a positive impact on blood formation. Additionally, Matcha Fuku contains iron, calcium, zinc, potassium as well as vitamins A, C and E. When pure natural power meets high-quality Dr. Goerg Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar which also contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a valuable combination of the power of nature and luscious flavor emerges. Our Matcha tea is also suitable as support during a diet. Its stimulating effect can boost the metabolism while the coconut blossom sugar offers an impressively low glycaemic index (gi) of 35.

How is Matcha de Coco produced?

Matcha is obtained from the tea plant Camellia sinensis which is shaded continuously 4 weeks prior to harvest. That way the plant can develop more chlorophyll and amino acids than plant which are exposed to the sun all the time. Once a year, the young, deep green leaves are manually harvested by experiences specialists. First, the leaves are immersed in steam to prevent any fermentation which would result a loss of vital substances. In contrast to Matcha, black tea is roasted. After their steam bath, the leaves are dried under high temperatures. A sensory specialist will assess the leaves and sort them according to their quality. Freed from leaf veines and stem, the leaves are then cut and, depending on their appearance, mixed with other leaves in order to achieve further differentiation. After an assessment by a professional taster, the mixture of leaves is gently ground into fine Matcha powder in granite mills. In Germany, the top-quality Matcha is then combined with first-class Dr. Goerg Premium Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar to create Matcha de Coco, a superior coconut tea. To ensure that the vital substances remain intact, we supply our Matcha de Coco in a purple-colored jar. It protects the Matcha from light and moisture and retains its high quality.

Is Matcha healthier than green tea?

Yes! Despite originating from the same plant, there is a crucial difference. With green tea, the leaves are removed after steeping while Matcha tea uses the whole leaf with all its nutrients. By drinking green tea the body merely receives an extract, e.g. the nutrients which have diffused into the water. With Matcha on the other hand, you will benefit from all vital substances it has to offer.


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