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    Premium Bio-Kokos-Chips / Coconut Chips, 160 g


    €31.19 / 1 kg

    incl. tax plus shipping

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Dr. Goerg Premium Sweet Toasted Organic Coconut Chips are obtained from monitored organic cultivation and are 100 % all-natural. Initially, the chips are gently roasted and then caramelised in high-quality whole cane sugar which contains many beneficial vital substances. No artificial flavors, no preservatives, no color or other additives – there‘s just full natural goodness in our cans.

Active snack and useful ingredient

The sweet organic coconut chips are not only the perfect snack – they also add that something special to desserts, fruit salads and yoghurt. Looking for a party snack? Those sweet toasted chips will make any host happy. The air-tight packaging helps to keep this organic treat fresh and crispy. Since the sweet coconut chips are roasted and caramelised, they are not available in raw food quality.


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