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Recipes with coconut products
Faires Miteinander zum Wohle aller mit Fair Trade For Fair Life - dem Projekt von Dr. Goerg
Christian Dittrich-Opitz endorses Organic Coconut Products by Dr. Goerg:
Christian Dittrich-Opitz - Experte bei Dr. Goerg

"Coconut products by Dr. Goerg – it doesn’t get any better than this!"

Christian Dittrich-Opitznutrition expert and author (‘Befreite Ernährung’)
Coconut – the all-rounder in any kitchen

Coconut products by Dr. Goerg are an ideal basis for the high-quality production of foods like chocolate, pastries or Asian food products. Naturally, you can use coconut for all of your favorite dishes at home, too.

Create delicious dishes from organic coconut products like curries, pan and wok dishes, smoothies, shakes, cakes, pies, cookies, salads, pastries, deep-fried dishes...

Premium Organic Coconut Products by Dr. Goerg

Beneficial variety right out of coconut paradise

Learn more about the wide variety of coconut products by Dr. Goerg! Premium Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Premium Organic Coconut Milk, Premium Raw Organic Desiccated Coconut, Premium Raw Organic Coconut Flour and Premium Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup – Dr. Goerg caters to every heart’s desire.

But Dr. Goerg products are by no means just delicious; they are also really beneficial. Why that is, you ask? Our coconuts come from monitored organic cultivation and are cold-pressed immediately after harvest. That way a maximum of 72 hours passes from harvest to finished product which is full to the brim with vital substances. Our Premium Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is completely natural and neither bleached nor hardened or deodorised. That way we make sure you receive premium quality products.

Virgin Coconut Oil does not contain trans fatty acids, is gluten- and lactose-free and therefore suitable for people with allergies. Due to the cold-pressing it is ideal for raw food enthusiasts and vegans.

Coconut Oil in kitchen and beauty care

Coconut oil is the perfect addition to all sweet and savory dishes. Whether curry or dessert – you can easily substitute butter and other fats with coconut oil in all recipes. Your palate and body will be thanking you. For inspiration we have gathered a few recipes – why not try them out right away?

Do you enjoy drinking tea? Then our Matcha de Coco made from Matcha tea and Coconut Blossom Sugar is just right for you. Don’t forget to try our Moringa range like Moringa Oleifera Powder which can added to various dishes. Many cultures refer to the Moringa tree as ‘tree of life’ or ‘lifesaver’ and it will enhance the taste and be beneficial to your body.

For skin, hair and fur

Coconut oil is not only suitable for the kitchen. It is also perfect for beauty treatments. Our beauty care guidebook provides you with detailed information on how to use the oil for shiny, silky hair and smooth, beautiful skin.

Our special Coconut Oil for Animals protects dogs and cats against ticks and serves as skin care oil and for grooming. Horses with summer eczema enjoy treatments with coconut oil since it eases the discomfort.

Sustainable and fair

Dr. Goerg Organic Coconut Products are delicious and at the same time beneficial. What’s more, you can even snack coconut products without a guilty conscience because we value the friendly and respectful contact with our employees, fair wages and the sustainable cultivation of our coconut trees. After all, we want to leave behind a nature intact and healthy, for our children.

Experience the Dr. Goerg coconut paradise and enjoy the wide variety of beneficial coconut products.
  • 100% vegan
  • German Organic Certificate DE
  • Europäisches Biosiegel
  • European Organic Certificate
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Fair Trade For Fair Life
  • KLBD - Kosher
  • BCS Öko-Garantie DE-ÖKO-001
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