asia street food, Stefan & Heike Leistner

70 authentic recipes from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam

  • Make easy, authentic street food from Asia
  • Like a journey through South-East Asia – great pictures of countries, people and recipes
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Asian cuisine thrives on its street stalls. Sun-ripened fruits tempt you to taste, woks sizzle seductively and the scents of roasted spices float on the breeze. Stalls on every corner entice you to try their wares. The Asia Cookbook was inspired by the locals and their authentic dishes. From noodle soup to curry – anyone with a love of Asian food can now cook it with the new cookbook. (594 characters) Author portrait Stefan & Heike Leistner Heike and Stefan Leistner immediately fell in love with South-East Asia on their first trip to Vietnam in 2004. They made numerous subsequent visits to the area – this is when they began to collect local recipes and to meet local chefs, housewives and street food vendors, gaining a deep insight into the traditions of Asian street food. They enthusiastically reproduced all their new discoveries, leading to the asiastreetfood project – a website and travel guide app, as well as cooking classes and tours of the real street food in Thailand and Vietnam. 224 pages, approx. 500 images, 22.7 x 27.0cm, soft cover with thread stitching ISBN 978-3-86244-805-0

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Dr. Goerg seal of quality


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