Moringa Oleifera Powder

Moringa Oleifera - one of the world's most nutrient-rich plant

Moringa is an inexhaustible source of vital substances in a perfect combination which you can use to improve your overall well-being. Whether as tea or as an addition to your meal, the vital substances contained in Moringa leaf-tip powder provide essential nutrients in great variety and concentration. Give it a try and let your body decide!

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The fastest way to the best nutrition

According to recent scientific studies, Moringa is one of the most nutrient-rich plants in the world. It’s hardly surprising that the inhabitants of the tropics and subtropics, where Moringa is a native plant, have been using it to increase vitality, power and energy for centuries. It contains over 90 vital substances in a unique combination rendering it superior to other dietary supplements which merely contain one active component in a lower concentration. Moringa offers all those nutrients in a complex combination which can be ideally utilized by the body.

In contrast to Moringa capsules, Moringa powder can be more easily ingested and transformed by the body. Initially, you should therefore experiment with the dosage to find your ideal amount since Moringa also helps purifying the body. During the first 3 to 7 days, we recommend taking half a spoonful of Moringa powder. Once your body is accustomed to the powder, you may increase the amount step by step until you reach the ideal dose. The powder can be dissolved in water, juices, smoothies or other drinks or it can be added to many dishes. Let yourself be inspired by our hier.

An abundance of positive effects

In recent years, copious amounts of scientic research has been conducted with regard to the effects of the miracle tree. Mainly in developing countries Moringa is increasingly used to fight famine, malnutrition and nutrient deficiency. Our society has mainly produced diseases of civilization due to bad eating habits. Even here we can benefit from this miracle vegetable, as Moringa is often called. The effects are quite obvious: worldwide there is no other plant with comparable levels of amino acids, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements, chlorophyll, fibers and vitamins. Each and every one of these nutrients from vitamin C or folic acid to calcium verifiably has a positive effect on the body. As a combination this effect is simply unbeatable. Especially since the way these vital substances work means they can be easily utilized by the body. It all boils down to this: Moringa increases the quality of living. Being provided with all essential nutrients, the body will feel full of energy, fit, less tired, healthy, vital and younger. It increases the ability to concentrate and makes us productive. That way the physical well-being and the joy of living is increased – something that will inevitably strengthen our immune system, the body’s defences and our mental state of well-being. Moringa is the super food per se and advantage to body, spirit and soul alike.

How are our Moringa products produced?

Dr. Goerg Moringa – all advantages at a glance:

   - highest nutrient density due to wild plants
   - harvest-fresh and 100 % natural
   - premium quality due to regular strict lab tests
   - best sources due to profound knowledge of the area
   - gently dried below 40°C
   - unique packaging in purple-colored glass: eco-friendly and protected from light
   - part of the proceeds go to humanitarian aid projects by Dr. Goerg ‘Fair Trade for Fair Life’

This much natural power should only be obtained from the best sources. Wild plants constitute the best quality of Moringa. In contrast to cultivation on plantations, wild Moringa trees (genus name: Moringa Oleifera) can grow completely unaffected just as nature intended. It is commonly known that wild plants possess a stronger aroma and a higher levels of nutrients than artificially watered cultivated plants. A fact which ensures the premium quality of Dr. Goerg Moringa products. The wild Moringa plants have more time to grow and can therefore store higher levels of nutrients than cultivated plants. Evidentially, the nutrient density is the highest in wild Moringa plants.

Right after harvest, Dr. Goerg Moringa leaf-tips are gently dried below 40°C in specially made closed systems. That way all vital substances can be retained. After drying, the leaves are carefully ground into fine powder featuring a fresh luscious green color and a grassy scent. To ensure that the vital substances remain intact, we supply our Moringa powder in a unique purple-colored jar. It protects the Moringa from light and moisture and is an eco-friendly alternative to tin, plastic and aluminium.

Frequent lab tests guarantee premium quality in every respect. All Dr. Goerg Moringa products are completely natural and additive-free.

For us, social commitment is paramount. Dr. Goerg stands for sustainability and fair trade. Our ‘Fair Trade for Fair Life’ project provides unbureaucratic help for those in need in the Philippines as well as in Germany. That is one of the reasons why we deliberately opted not to obtain costly German organic certifications for Moringa. So what does Moringa taste like?

Pretty much how you would expect considering the luscious green color. Ingested in its pure form, Moringa reminds of green tea, grass or hay. Pleasantly lavish, intensive and ‘green’, slightly bitter but still mild. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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