Coconut oil for the kitchen, bathroom and on the go

The natural miracle for nutrition and care

  • ideal for cooking, frying, baking and enjoying on its own
  • ideal for massage and as an oil for skin and hair
  • ideal for oil pulling
  • 100% pure organic coconut oil
  • 100% natural raw food quality
  • made from fresh fruit pulp
  • extra virgin (pressing temperature under 38°C)
  • no additives
  • very high lauric acid content
  • naturally free from gluten and lactose
  • vegan (100% vegetable)
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It’s astonishing how versatile and effective our natural Premium Organic Coconut Oil is. The precious, natural nutrients and active ingredients of the organic coconut that we retain through gentle processing when extracting the oil have a surprisingly positive effect on the body. Organic coconut oil should be an integral part of ever kitchen and bathroom. You can use it daily to create healthy, light food and it’s also perfect for skin and hair care. The precious oil can also help with chapped lips or rough skin. The bundle consists of the following products: 1x Organic Coconut Oil 500ml, 2x Organic Coconut Oil 200ml and 2x Organic Coconut Oil 20ml

Dr. Goerg seal of quality

More Information
In harmony with nature and respecting food Sun-ripened coconuts, supplied daily fresh from the harvest by our organic smallholders in the Philippines, form the basis for our high-quality and natural Premium Organic Coconut Oil. Both the excellent underlying quality of our organic coconuts and the fast processing within 72 hours of harvesting ensure that our coconut oil has great biological value and a pure, fresh coconut flavour. The coconuts are pressed at temperatures below 38°C in the initial pressing. This results in a raw coconut oil that is loaded with nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) and has a very high lauric acid content. Scientific studies show that all these natural ingredients have a positive effect on body and mind. Coconut oil can also help to improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and some minerals. You can taste it and it’s good for your body.
  • 100% pure organic coconut oil
  • raw food quality
  • certified organically grown
  • pressed from freshly harvested fruit pulp
  • made from the 1st cold pressing/direct pressing below 38°C
  • Dr. Goerg harvest-fresh guarantee: just 72 hours from harvest to product
  • no additives
  • very high lauric acid content
  • naturally free from gluten and lactose
  • 100% vegetable
  • not refined
  • not deodorised
  • not hardened
  • not bleached

Dr. Goerg seal of quality

Organic Coconut Oil – amazingly versatile and effective Our high-quality Premium Organic Coconut Oil made from harvest-fresh, sun-ripened coconuts not only has a great flavour and outstanding nutritional content – it also has a myriad of uses. Its high biological value means it promotes well-being and good looks. You can use it to add refinement to your food, make your skin and hair more beautiful and you can also use coconut oil for weight loss or oil treatments. Or you can treat yourself to a divine coconut oil massage and leave the everyday world behind. When you buy our Organic Coconut Oil, you’re doing something good for yourself, your body, your mind and the environment. Our Organic Coconut Oil can be used is so many ways: Cooking Our pure and natural raw Coconut Oil for cooking, baking and frying is an essential part of every health-conscious cook’s kitchen. It’s rich in essential minerals and vitamins and has a lauric acid content of up to almost 60%. Use the oil to add refinement to soups, ice creams, mains and drinks, as a healthy butter substitute or simply take a teaspoonful or tablespoonful with every meal as a food supplement. It’s also perfect for oil treatments, ayurvedic oil pulling or as a diet supplement. Body care You can treat your whole body with harvest-fresh Organic Coconut Oil! It regenerates hair, making it smooth and shiny. Used on the face, it relaxes and refreshes the skin. Athletes can use it to rub into the skin, providing the body with medium chain-saturated fatty acids. And added to the bath, or as a body and massage oil, it gives you a sensual feeling of well-being.

Dr. Goerg seal of quality

Dr. Goerg Organic Coconut Oil has a shelf life of up to two years. Store Organic Coconut Oil sealed at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight. The oil solidifies below 24° C. This does not impair the quality.

Dr. Goerg seal of quality

Dr. Goerg seal of quality


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