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In Japanese tea ceremonies, Matcha and Moringa teas are traditionally the most popular types of tea. An integral part of this ancient ritual is the whisking of the tea with a bamboo whisk the chasen. The brooms delicate bristles produce the subtle foam that is unique to Matcha. The bamboo whisk constitutes a small masterpiece of craftsmanship.

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Made from a single piece of bamboo, the whisks bristles are cut and carved by hand. This traditional Japanese craft is only performed by specially trained craftsmen who share their knowledge solely with each other. This bamboo whisk cannot be produced by a machine.

Dr. Goerg seal of quality

How to make a proper Matcha tea Preperation: Add 1-2 teaspoons of Matcha or Moringa powder in a cup to taste. Pour 80 °C hot and soft water over powder and beat foamy with bamboo whisk. The higher and firmer the foam the better the taste will be. Instructions: After use, rinse bamboo whisk with warm water and dry on special bamboo whisk holder if available.

Dr. Goerg seal of quality

Dr. Goerg seal of quality


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